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    School of mechanical engineering (SME)consists of 5 departments in terms of Mechanical Design and its Automationdepartment , Mechanical Manufacture and its Automation department ,Mechatronic Engineering department, Material Forming and Control Engineering department ,Mechanical engineering experimental training center. Moreover, SME established 2 research institutes ,namely research institute of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment , research institute of digital intelligent equipment. SME has also set up administrations such as general affairs office and student work office. SME has established province-level experimental teaching and practice education centers, namely Comprehensive training centers for mechanical engineering, Key laboratory of building energy conservation of Jiangsu province (cooperated by 3 schools , research interests: Construction equipment system operation and intelligent control), key laboratory of precision and efficient processing technology of Suzhou , Jiangsu excellent engineer (mechanical power) education alliance members and other provincial construction platforms.

    SME has now more than 800 undergraduates , 7 graduates and 47 teaching and administrative staff, including 35 full-time teachers and 6 experimental teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 5 professors ,13 associate professors and senior engineers, 13lecturers and experimental teachers. 25 of them has a doctor degree, and 12 of them has an overseas study experience of more than 6 months. SME has 2 high-level talents of “six talent peak project” of Jiangsu province, 1 academic leader and 1 backbone teacher of “Qinglan project” of Jiangsu province , 1 youth science and technology leader of “333 project” of Jiangsu province.


    2. Teaching

    SMEhas undergraduate programs in 3 subjects covering Mechanical Design Manufacturing and its Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering , Material Forming and Control Engineering and 1 first-level disciplines for master-degree programs. Mechanical Design Manufacturing and its Automation is a University-level key faculty.

    Up to now the teachers of SME has published 7 textbooks and has been used among undergraduates. They has published dozens of papers about educational research and reform , 1 of them has been awarded with University-level teaching achievement award. SMEhas organized bilingual core courses for Fundamentals of Machine Manufacturing Technology and Mechanical Design. They are already experimentally implemented in International School of Mechanical Engineering.

    In 2007 SME has beenapproved of 10 undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program project, including 1 nation-level, 3 Province-level and 6 University level. In 2007 SME was authorized with 40 patents ( cooperated by teachers and students). SME has also organized students to take part in all kinds of academic competitions and obtained 28 certificates of awards in national competition and 5 in provincial competitions in 2007.


    3. scientific research and academic exchanges

    Teachers of SME has hosted 7 National Natural Science Foundation (now mainly carrying out research for 2 of them), was approved of dozens of scientific research project of Jiangsu province and Suzhou. In recent years SME has hosted many enterprise research projects and was authorized with more than 40 patents for invention, more than 50 utility model patents and 16 software copyright. Teachers of SME has published more than 200 academic papers. In 2017, SME has been approved of Suzhou key laboratory of precision and efficient processing technology , many teachers serve as key members in the national, provincial and municipal teaching and academic groups. In 2018 SME has been approved of 2 National Natural Science Foundation project and 2 municipal science and technology achievement awards.

    SME continues to expand its channels of academic exchange and conducts various academic exchange activities. SME has invited a number of well-known scholars from home and abroad to carry out academic exchanges and seminars, and sent undergraduates abroad for overseas exchanges. In recent years, SME has signed cooperation contracts with more than ten enterprises in Suzhou and has conducted substantial cooperation.